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Green Tara

Happy Tara Day!

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I prostrate to the Liberator, Mother of all the Victorious Ones.

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'Homage to Tara, the Swift One, the Heroine,
Whose eyes are like a flash of lightning,
Who arose from the opening of a lotus,
Born from the tears of the Protector of the Three Worlds.’

Happy Tara Day!


White Tara looking after our new building:)

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Arya Tara ~ Kadampa statue

Happy Tara Day!


Arya Tara ~ Kadampa statue

Happy Tara Day!

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Being Buddha Tara


Who is supposed to be looking after all these animals?

stargazerMost of the animals we can see are in our human realm, of course, because that is where we are. But there are countless more. According to Buddha’s explanation of the six realms of samsara, the vast majority of animals are packed together in the animal realm. In Washington DC a few weeks ago, at the Smithsonian museum, I watched a short…

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"Taking away everyone’s suffering is Tara’s very nature. As a Buddha, she has already exchanged self with others, imputed her I on all living beings, including the prawns; so living beings’ suffering IS her suffering and she has already happily accepted it, purified it, and transformed it into bliss. We can do that too, generate ourselves as a Buddha, purify everyone through imagination that becomes reality. Everything starts and ends in the imagination. We need to be part of that creative solution if samsara is ever to stop."

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White Tara (x)

Transparent Buddha for your blog!

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Happy Tara Day!

Interesting that today is also International Women’s Day - how appropriate that it should be on the day dedicated to the woman who stood up to some rather sexist monks during her human life and took rebirth as a female Buddha!

New shrine pics.  I bought two new Buddha statues while at the Southwest Dharma Celebration last weekend. The top picture is Green Tara, and it was her empowerment we received. The other pictures are Vajrasattva with his consort. It’s such a beautiful statue, and not one you can find as easily, and since I am doing my Vajrasattva mantra counting right now, I decided to go ahead and get this one too. Now I need to fill them.

Green Tara shrine at the Southwest Dharma Celebration.

Happy Tara Day!